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Book Review

World Missions: Total War

By L. E. Maxwell

Reviewed by Tavi Rendón

L. E. Maxwell is not looking for a "few good men." Rather, he is looking for the "fundamental folk" who believe in Jesus and take seriously His commands. In about 165 short pages, Maxwell presents eleven messages and five appendices designed to awaken zeal for world missions. World Missions: Total War is a rallying cry for all Christians to give all to Christ among all the nations. He wants you for world missions!

Why You Should Read This Book

Something you will appreciate about Maxwell's book is his commitment to the Bible. He places his feet firmly in both the Old and New Testaments as he signals Christians to rally to the Great Commission. Maxwell is totally committed to the idea that the Bible, "read aright, is a missionary book." Thus, all the chapters collectively seek to show that the entire Bible, in one way or another, is calling all believers to engage in world missions.

Another thing you will appreciate about Maxwell's messages is how seriously he takes Jesus and His kingdom. In the preface, he uses several paragraphs to emphasize the importance of Luke 24: 47—"And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name among all nations…." For L.E. Maxwell "total war" means being passionate about the crucifixion of Christ and the command of Christ. It means being zealous about the resurrection of Christ and reaching the nations for Christ. Thus, the pages are filled with point-blank challenges to do something for Jesus and His kingdom.

One final aspect of Maxwell's book that makes it worth reading is his compassion for people, both believers and the lost. Maxwell is convinced that Christians are directly disobeying Jesus if they are not totally committed to His command concerning world evangelization. Thus, his concern for God's people causes him to sound a call to action. L.E. Maxwell is also convinced that those among all the nations who die in their sins do go to hell. Thus, he sees that what is needed is an army of fellow Christians who will stop at nothing to bring the nations to Christ.

Some Final Thoughts

As the title Total War suggests, much of the imagery used for illustration comes from military strategies and situations. Again, the military imagery is simply illustrative of the kind of commitment Maxwell believes Christians should have toward Jesus and the gospel. However, at times the use of the military illustrations begins to suggest patriotic/political overtones to what is generally a sound, biblical emphasis. I offer this opinion as a word of caution to readers.

The five appendices are like extended sermon illustrations. Along with these, at the beginning of each chapter are illustrations that set the theme for each chapter. Some are excerpts from sermons, some are poems, and some are allegorical in nature. All of them are food for thought and several are rather poignant.

The last chapter, "Have Me Excused," consists of Maxwell setting up and knocking down 25 common excuses given for not being a missionary. It is well worth reading. Be ready for some straightforward conviction. If nothing else, you will want to see if your excuse is among the 25. Remember, L.E. Maxwell wants you for world missions: total war.

World Missions: Total War is a spiral bound book published by Prairie Bible Institute, Three Hills, Alberta, Canada TOM 2AO.

World Missions: Total War is available through:

Home Fires Publishers
PO Box 256
Reamstown, PA 17567-0256

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